Enhance your curb appeal with lawn fertilization services in Culpeper or Jeffersonton, VA

Say Goodbye to Dead Grass

Much like the rest of Virginia, the Culpeper & Jeffersonton, VA area is known for its red clay soil. Unfortunately, this means summers can be brutal on grass. One of the best ways to prevent your lawn from dying is by taking a proactive approach with lawn fertilization. The experts at Mifsud Landscaping, LLC are knowledgeable about soil composition, and we know what grass needs to thrive.

Our fertilization services are priced based on the size of your yard and include scheduled services for the entire year. If you're tired of looking at dead grass, contact us today.

We'll take all the proper steps to keep your lawn healthy

We'll take all the proper steps to keep your lawn healthy

If you want comprehensive fertilization services, you need a team that will go the extra mile for you. Mifsud Landscaping is that team. We will:

  • Take soil samples and test them to evaluate quality
  • Recommend a custom lawn fertilization plan based on your needs
  • Fertilize in March, May and June to keep the yard healthy all year

We'll focus on the structure of your yard to promote overall grass health. Schedule an appointment today to get professional advice from a lawncare pro.